Computer Information Resources Products & Services

Computer Information Resources publishes 2 different monthly magazine reports:

icon_appraisalsComputer Price Watch (CPW)

The Computer Price Watch (CPW) since 1981 is a monthly magazine report of:

Information and pricing of IBM (and other Mfr’s) Mainframe (large) Systems, and their features; plus, Peripheral Devices
and Sub-Systems.

  • Manufacturers current List Prices, and Maintenance cost.
  • Current “Fair Market Value” in the Used Equipment Market.
  • Both Retail and Wholesale values.
  • Third Party lease rates; Date of 1st shipment.

All the above information gives the reader a comprehensive, Comparative Analysis look at “price / performance ratios” of All products listed. The manufacturers list prices, performance data and minimum Maintenance prices are difficult to find and not readily Available to you.

Computer Price Watch SAVES TIME, provides information not readily available to the public, and answers questions immediately that can take countless hours to assemble from other sources.

icon_serversServers, PC’s & Workstations (SPWS)

“Servers, PC’s & Workstations” (SPWS) is a monthly magazine report of:

“Servers, PC’s & Workstations” (SPWS) which began in 1993 when CIR recognized the need to supply information in to the immense market of Intel, PowerPC / Microsoft & UNIX based servers, PC’s, Workstations and other related equipment IBM, HP and Sun Microsystems servers and system components.

PLUS: A comprehensive list of PC’s, Laptop Computers, and Printers of all makes and models.

Servers, PC’s & Workstations gives the reader an immediate “Comparative Analysis” of all items; “Price / Performance” information for comparison with other similar items.

Again, saving countless hours of research time!


icon_cpwAppraisal and Consulting Services

There are occasions where a “3rd Party, independent opinion” is is needed.

CIR offers the following Appraisal and Consulting Services:

1.  Any current or forensic (retro) pricing studies of equipment that may be required.

2.  We serve leasing companies and financial institutions in the following areas:

  • End of lease negotiations and strategy
  • Required (and Fasb 13) Valuations.
  • Bankruptcy Appraisal & Liquidation.
  • Property Tax Valuations.
  • Portfolio Analysis (for acquisition or sale).
  • Residual Value Forcast(s).

3.  Expert witness services:

We have appeared in court as an expert witness for trials conducted for taxation and fraud among other cases.

We bring 25 Years of knowledge and experience to you with any of the above needs you may have.

Feel free to contact us at any time regarding any of these (or any other) categories, and we will quote you our rates.