Can I get copies of “Back Issues” to track values prior to becoming a Subscriber?

Yes! CIR can provide information and Back Issues dating back to 1981 for Computer Price Watch, and 1993 for PC’s and Workstations. Fees vary with each request.

I have some Equipment that is not covered in either Publication, and need pricing and/or other information? How can CIR help me?

Computer Information Resources offers complete Consulting Services for most any Special Project. This ranges from Appraisals, forensic Price-Tracking, bankruptcy, Taxation, FASB 13, and other Valuation studies. Feel free to inquire about any project you may have. Prices are very reasonable for small requests, and large ones too.

Is the “Computer Price Watch” and “Servers PC’s & Workstations” available in Hard Copy only, or can I get it in e-mail (electronic) form?

YES to both!! Both Publications are available in either Hard Copy or via e-mail, or both if you wish.

How does CIR gather the information listed each month?

CIR performs a comprehensive proprietary method of information gathering from a wide range of Industry sources for both Publications. The changes are NOT “Software Driven”, and are individually researched, analyzed and changed (if warranted) on a monthly basis.